Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bake Off 2014 - Final!

I loved this year's Bake Off and my only complaint about it is that it is too short (can we start again please?) Well, that and some overly dramatic editing - I don't watch Bake Off for the drama!

I'm glad the final was "back to basics" and to be honest I would have been happy for any of them to win, but well done to Nancy. Wednesday nights are so quiet now!

I decided to cook Tarte au Citron from the final episode, and found a Mary Berry recipe which seemed very fitting. I don't have a food processor so I had to rub in the pastry by hand (Mary didn't even say what to do in this case, I mean, who doesn't have a food processor?!) but it really felt like everything was back to basics so I was even prouder when this one turned out good. I'm not really experienced with pastry and I struggle to tell when it's done, but Mary gives really detailed instructions and I followed all the cooking times exactly and it turned out wonderfully. Here is her recipe for a 23cm pan (very detailed) and a slightly sparser recipe for a gigantic lemony 28cm tart.

I've loved baking from the programs, I've learned a lot, got a lot of practice with my stand mixer and ticked a few things off of my baking wishlist. Plus I became really popular at work! This tart is definitely in the top 3 bakes, but my absolute favourite from the series has to be the florentines - they were so amazingly delicious.

So, now onto Christmas crafting!

Mary Berry recipe Tarte au Citron 23cm

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