Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bake Off Week 5 - Pies & Tarts

I decided to attempt egg custard tarts this week - not the Portugese version with the puff pastry, but the shortcrust pastry type.

I've never eaten an egg custard tart, and this is my excuse, because they were a total fail.

I used this recipe, but rather than baking one big tart, I thought I'd do individual ones in a cupcake tin - the problem was I didn't adjust the cooking time for the size and cooked them for far too long. They looked pretty good in the preparation, but in the end they went in the bin. I did cook some of the spare custard in some larger moulds on it's own and that was pretty tasty. Ah well, you live and learn.

Here's hoping for better luck with European cakes!

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