Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bake Off Week 3 - Bread Week

As much as I love a fresh white loaf straight out of the oven & thickly coated with butter, I had to follow my heart (or my sweet tooth) this week and make a sweet bread - I attempted a brioche marbled with Nutella. 

Nutella = amazing.

I combined two recipes this week - I got the idea from here, which is a raspberry version and I used the ingredients from that, but for the method I followed Paul Hollywood. I would like to say that's because of bake-off, however the truth is it's because he's the top result when you Google "brioche recipe", it looked a much simpler method than the raspberry loaf, and to be honest we were heading out for lunch and I didn't have time to do the 45 minutes fermenting before refrigerating. 

I *love* my stand mixer for bread...there would have been a lot of heavy work without it! 

This was certainly the messiest recipe I have made in a while - I had half a worktop of sticky dough and Nutella up to my elbows, but it was worth it. It also didn't really rise before baking (possibly because I didn't follow the right recipe...), bit it did rise a lot in the oven and came out pretty well. The middle was amazing - soft buttery dough swirled with Nutella. Yes.

I think this would be pretty perfect made into french toast, (I mean, just look at this) however it didn't last a day.

Nutella brioche recipe chcolate french toast

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