Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bake Off Week 3 - Bread Week

As much as I love a fresh white loaf straight out of the oven & thickly coated with butter, I had to follow my heart (or my sweet tooth) this week and make a sweet bread - I attempted a brioche marbled with Nutella. 

Nutella = amazing.

I combined two recipes this week - I got the idea from here, which is a raspberry version and I used the ingredients from that, but for the method I followed Paul Hollywood. I would like to say that's because of bake-off, however the truth is it's because he's the top result when you Google "brioche recipe", it looked a much simpler method than the raspberry loaf, and to be honest we were heading out for lunch and I didn't have time to do the 45 minutes fermenting before refrigerating. 

I *love* my stand mixer for bread...there would have been a lot of heavy work without it! 

This was certainly the messiest recipe I have made in a while - I had half a worktop of sticky dough and Nutella up to my elbows, but it was worth it. It also didn't really rise before baking (possibly because I didn't follow the right recipe...), bit it did rise a lot in the oven and came out pretty well. The middle was amazing - soft buttery dough swirled with Nutella. Yes.

I think this would be pretty perfect made into french toast, (I mean, just look at this) however it didn't last a day.

Nutella brioche recipe chcolate french toast

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Great British Bake Off...bake-along

Apologies for the blog hiatus. It's not been a very crafty summer but now that Great British Bake Off is back on our screens I'm inspired to get back to baking and am going to attempt to bake something from the show every week. (American friends do you know bake off? It's like British summer, cups of tea, yummy cake, beautiful summer gardens and lovely contestants all rolled into one).

Week 1 the contestants had to make a Swiss roll, and I attempted a raspberry and fresh cream version, which was not massively successful. Might come back to that one another time.

The week 2 technical challenge was florentines, and I have wanted to make these for ages. Plus, they came out really well so I was chuffed. The main 2 issues were a) being in the supermarket with no phone signal and having no idea what angelica was, so I made them without and b) I forgot to put fork marks in most of them before the chocolate dried. Luckily neither seemed that important and they were really tasty - a lovely sweet toffee-y crunch with dark chocolate. (Angelica is a candied green herb, in case you were wondering). Apologies to Mary Berry but I used the Delia recipe...I will have to try both sometime and compare.

I am definitely going to make these to take to a dinner party and maybe for homemade Christmas presents.

Great british bake off florentines

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