Friday, 11 April 2014

Easy Chocolate Mousse

Oh Nigella, how I love you. Thank you for creating the most epic, rich, easy chocolatey dessert, thank you for only making it 6 ingredients long, thank you for making it set nearly instantly, for involving no raw egg (and for reminding me how amazing marshmallows are to eat). You're the best.

Instant chocolate mousse recipe, marshmallow, no egg, pregnancy

You will need:
150 grams mini marshmallows, or chopped up big ones
50 grams butter - at room temperature, if you're organised!
250 grams good dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids) chopped into small pieces
60 ml hot water 
284 ml / 1 carton double cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Optional additional ingredients - strawberries, raspberries, coulis, liqueur soaked orange slices etc
6 ramekins, cute cups or mugs (this is very rich so you don't need a lot per person)

Serves 6

Chop up the marshmallows (scissors are good) and place them in a pan, along with the butter, dark chocolate and hot water. Heat on a medium heat. While this is melting, whip the double cream and vanilla essence. When the hot ingredients are totally melted, fold in the cream and keep stirring until combined.

If you are adding fruit you may like to put some at the bottom of each serving bowl. Otherwise pour out the servings (can get messy), top with any additional ingredients and place in the fridge, they should be set within an hour.

Serve with coffee or dessert wine.

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