Saturday, 19 October 2013

Confetti Cupcakes

Sometimes I see things on Pinterest and think what a wonderful, simple idea it is, and wish I'd thought of it. Putting confetti in cupcakes? Genius. 

The trouble is, you just can't get the beautiful bright nonpareils in the UK anymore so last time I was in the US I made sure to pick some up.

confetti rainbow nonpareils cupcakes recipe

I just used a standard cupcake recipe for these (US and UK recipe here), and added the confetti at the last minute. If you over mix with the sprinkles in, you can end up with a brown mess, so I only put them into sections of the batter at a time. Put in quite a lot, if you don't use enough the effect won't be as good.

As much as I love to decorate with big swirls of piped buttercream icing (instructions here) I actually prefer the taste of simple sugar icing (icing sugar + water). So as I was planning to eat these ALL myself, the sugar icing won.

funfetti cupcakes recipe instructions

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