Thursday, 16 May 2013

Chocolate Mendiants

I had so much fun making these - minimal preparation and lots of decoration!

I have never worked with gold leaf before this month and it's SO strange. I had read how delicate it was before I opened it but I was still amazed by how delicate it actually is. You really cannot even breathe near it! I had a tiny brush ready but I found it best to tear it and place it with a tiny craft knife. It's amazing stuff and I think it looks stunning on the finished article.

You will need:
Good quality dark chocolate, one bar makes about 12
Crystallised rose & violet petals
Silver balls
Sugar decorations
Gold or silver leaf (make sure it says edible)
Other ideas: chilli flakes, sea salt, dried fruit, nuts

Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over hot water, or very slowly in a microwave, and remove the last lumps by stirring. Place a spoonful on baking paper and decorate. Cool in the fridge.

chocolate mendiants, petit fours, gold leaf recipe, Crystallised rose petals

Crystallised rose petals, crystallized violet petals

chocolate mendiants, petit fours, gold leaf recipe, crystallized petals

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