Sunday, 21 April 2013

Giant World Map Pinboard

I LOVE to travel. I love dreaming about travelling, planning trips and reminiscing about past adventures. So, a gigantic world map pinboard is exactly what I want to mark the places we've been, and get inspiration on where to go next. Plus, it's a lovely thing to have on the wall.

world map pin board, cork board, instructions

You will need:
Gigantic world map (mine is 1400mm x 1000mm) from Amazon
Foam core boards (picture below), enough to cover the size of the map
Cork tiles (picture below), enough to cover the size of the map
Duct tape
Sharp craft knife
Contact adhesive
Spray glue
Pretty pins
A rather large floor space

Step 1:
Stick together the foam core boards using duct tape so that they are the same size or larger than your map.

Step 2:
Use the contact adhesive to stick down the cork tiles onto the foam board. Open the window if you have a strong glue!

Step 3:
Duct tape over the edges of the cork tiles (you might not need to do this if you have a really strong glue)

Step 4:
Lay your world map on top, lining up with two edges. Draw around the other two edges and trim down your board to match the size of the map. I found a metal ruler and a craft knife the best way to do this.

Step 5:
Use the spray adhesive on the back of the map and stick this to the cork tile side of your board. Leave to dry.

Step 6:
If you want to hang this map on the wall, the best way is to glue two pieces of wood to the back and screw some nails into these, and attach picture hanging wire. The map is quite heavy so make sure that whatever is in the wall is strong enough.

Step 7:
Pin all the places you've been and begin planning your next trip!

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