Sunday, 2 December 2012

Paper Cutting

Have you heard of papercutting? If you know of artists like Rob Ryan you may have, he's done a lot to popularise the art. I hope it gets more popular - it's surprisingly simple but the results can be stunning. 

I did a class with the amazingly talented Poppy Chancellor. All you need to have a go are a very sharp scalpel, a cutting mat and some paper - thin paper to cut the design in, and thick paper to mount it on (use a small amount of PVA for this). 

The hardest part of the process is creating a design - you have to make sure all the parts are connected, it's very easy to end up cutting parts off! Try drawing the design and shading in all the parts you want to keep. There's not many templates about on the internet yet, but there are some nice books about. I encourage you to have a go!

Here's what we did at the class - the first two are Poppy's designs that we practiced on....the last one was my design (with a lot of help)!

papercutting, template, instructions, paper crafts

paper cutting template instructions

how to do paper cutting template

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