Monday, 7 May 2012


I love marshmallows. I love the tiny multicoloured ones you put in hot chocolate, and  I love the big fat ones you can melt over a BBQ. So I couldn't resist having a go at trying to make them when I saw this recipe. They're so flexible, I didn't realise that you can flavour and coat them with so many different things.

You'll need a sugar thermometer for this - I recommend something hardy like this as you can leave it in. Digital ones you have to keep removing. Be careful with melted sugar, it's seriously hot!

My first attempt was with Innocent strawberry and banana smoothie and I coated them in cornflour. The flavour came through really well. The texture isn't as good as supermarket marshmallows, they are a little heavier - I heated my sugar a little too high. Never mind, they're still good!

homemade marshmallow recipe

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