Friday, 9 December 2011

Stitched Cards

This is a really unique way to make homemade cards. It's a little more effort than the usual scissors and glue, but worth it I think. The amount of different designs and patterns you could do are endless.

homemade stitched cards pattern

You will need:
Blank card
Stitching pattern (search google images for "stitched cards patterns" or click here for snowflake or bauble)
Embroidery thread
Card liners (optional)
Stickers to decorate (optional)

Stick the pattern to the front of the card to keep it still. Use the needle to make all the holes in the pattern - the thimble helps here as some card can be tough to puncture. Placing the card on scraps of paper or card will protect your table if you don't have a craft mat. Using 1 strand of embroidery thread, stitch the pattern as required being careful to tie off the ends or stick them down with tape. To hide the back of the pattern, stick blank card over the or use a card liner. Decorate the front of the card if you like - I of course have gone for a Christmas theme!

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

homemade stitched cards patternhomemade stitched cards pattern

homemade stitched cards patternhomemade stitched cards pattern

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


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