Monday, 14 November 2011

Shaker Cards

I love shaker cards as they are that little bit more interesting than a normal card. You get the interactive element to them!

shaker window homemade cards

You will need:
Aperture cards
Clear plastic or acrylic
Double sided tape
Foam mounting tape
Peel-off's or stickers to decorate

Open the card and lay it down with the inside facing up. Cut out a piece of acrylic about 1cm larger than the hole, surround the aperture with double sided tape and stick down the acrylic. Then place the mounting foam around the aperture without leaving any gaps. Be sure to stick this down well to stop the confetti getting stuck to it. Line the bottom of the card with double sided tape as this will help stick the backing down.

Place a pile of confetti in the middle of the aperture & carefully peel off the back of the tape. Fold down the left side of the card over the middle (be sure to fold the correct side else your card will open the wrong way!) and push down firmly to stick the tape down well. Now you can turn the card over and give it a shake! You can decorate the front of the card however you like - I have used peel off stickers on mine.

shaker window homemade cards
1. Line with double sided tape and stick down the acrylic

shaker window homemade cards
2. Line with mounting foam tape

shaker window homemade cards
3. Place the confetti in the aperture. Add tape to bottom of the card.

shaker window homemade cards
4. Remove the back from the tape, stick down left third of the card. Shake!

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Hi Rachel, I've enjoyed your other blog, proving that you don't need a huge space to garden in and following your achievements. Love the card, I'm inspired. I think I have some aperture cards, I'm off to see what I can make. Lesley x


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