Sunday, 20 November 2011

Button Heart

This is such a simple thing to make but it looks brilliant. I've made some of these to hang on the Christmas tree, I think they're good to have up any time of year. Buttons are easy to get online or at craft stores, but you never know what family and friends may have in the sewing box or in the loft, you might come across a treasure trove of vintage buttons :)

button heart decoration tutorial

You will need:
Wire (I have used 28 gauge and doubled up)
Assorted buttons

Lay the buttons out in a heart shape to make sure you have enough and you like the design. Thread the buttons onto the wire starting with the one you want at the bottom of the heart. Keep the buttons close together. When all the buttons are on the wire, lay it out straight. 

button heart decoration tutorial

Fold in the middle (this is the top of the heart) and then bend the edges into a heart shape and twist the wire together at the bottom. 

button heart decoration tutorial

On the back, twist the spare around into the wire in the pattern. My heart was a little flimsy so I have weaved another piece of wire around the back to strengthen it. Add a ribbon if you want to hang the heart.

button heart decoration tutorial

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


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