Friday, 30 September 2011

Japanese Cross Stitch Card

Welcome to my blog & thanks for visiting! I hope you get some ideas for craft projects that you can fit into a weekend.

I've been wondering where to start and a I think cross stitch is appropriate as it's one of the crafts I have been doing since I was little. A cross stitch card kit is a lovely thing to do over a weekend as you can leave it and come back to it whenever you want. A small card won't take too long and people always love to get homemade cards. I've just finished this cross stitch card.

cross stitch cards pattern

I love the blue and white theme as it feels so calm and serene. Isn't that lady gorgeous?! I'm not sure who to give her to yet, but I'm sure she'll go to a good home.

I used to do a lot of larger cross stitch projects when I was at school / uni but I have much less time now. I also find the large projects so daunting to start, as I know I'm unlikely to have the time to finish them. Recently I have just been sticking to small projects like cards and bookmarks which are quick to do. Sometimes I'll take a cross stitch project on the train (I get the train to work) which usually gets me some funny looks but it's the perfect time to get some stitching done.

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg
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